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August 17th, 2012

New Site Design

News, by Dino.

Hello and welcome to the newly designed Ellenville Flight Park web site! We’ve moved to the WordPress platform for everyone’s benefit, yours and ours. Take a look around and leave us comments.


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Responses to “New Site Design”

  1. great job on the new site, guys! much cleaner.

    James T.K. at Reply
  2. Thanks, James!

  3. Hi Guys, I saw you a couple of years ago for an intro flight and I’m thinking of coming back. (This was when Tony was too busy directing bulldozers to build his bunny hills!) I think the site looks great but I can’t find a Contact section! Thanks!

    John M. at Reply
  4. Hi John, the contact info is now on the Location page: https://ellenvilleflightpark.com/location/

    Hope to see you soon!

  5. Do you give lessons? I’ve emailed and called without reply

    Patricia croissant at Reply

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